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Anwen Kwan - Holistic Nutrition Practitioner   

Meet Anwen Kwan


Holistic Nutrition Practitioner & Lecturer 

Anwen is a Holistic Health Practitioner and a passionate lecturer in Natural Medicine who always directs her focus in educating individuals and family on various factors affecting one's health, including diet, nutrition, toxins, energy as well as mental and emotional elements. Identifying the factors is more important than treating the symptoms. Anwen has been helping many of her clients to regain their health through a more holistic approach.

Prior to her career turn, Anwen was a medical professional in pharmaceutical research for 15 years. Her research experience includes development of new drugs for life threatening diseases including cancers and chornic diseases. During her research years, she saw that there was no real cure for patients with life threatening diseases and the side effects of western medicine was too much for them to bear. Using her scientific training in western medicine, she started to divert her focus on natural medicine, which she believes a much more effective way to prevent and put a brake to the diseases.

Over the last 10 years, she attained various qualifications in Holistic Medicines including Diet & Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Juicing Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies and many from various country including Cyprus, USA, UK and Taiwan. She is a frequent guest speaker in health talks for corporate events and public seminars.


Anwen is also a nutrition and culinary consultant of  various F&B sectors. She has been leading some projects in the “menu make-over” in 8 nursing homes in Singapore which involved training of their chefs and cooks.  Anwen has been featured in many media channels in Singapore and Malaysia, including radio broadcast in Love 97.2 FM, and mediacorp TV program Body SOS and What’s in the Fridge etc where she shared various topics to  promote the important of holistic health.

Anwen is currently lecturing in International College of Holistic Health and providing holistic consultation in Holistic Health Centre just next to the college. She is currently pursuing Doctor of Natural Medicine.


Why Holistic Nutrition? Holistic Nutrition Consultant not only look at what you eat, but consider other aspects that could possibly affect your health and help you to overcome them to achieve effective recovery. These factors may include

Dietary Habits

The content of your diet and your eating habits make alot of difference in your health

Health Conditions 

Knowing you health conditions helps us to consider the type of food you should increase, limit or avoid to support your recovery

Emotional Factors

Negative emotions  not only affect our way of eating, the food we choose, but also causing stress to our body systems. 

Environment, Parasites and Toxins

 Toxin accumulation in our body can prevent nutrient absorption and create inflammatory reactions. Parasite infection could cause all kinds of reactions in our body and must be eradicated before true healing can occur.  

Food sensitivity

Identifying food sensitivity is a must before a good dietary advice can be given. 

Energy flow of the body

Increase your body energy and unblock its flow is the key for longevity! 



Anwen provides me the most comprehensive information about my health and guides me systematically and patiently to improve my conditions. She is very knowledgeable and such as passionate practitioner!

— Ms Tan, Singapore

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716 Geylang Road, Singapore 389629


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